Mike Holmes, 2007 ( Webster seedling by Tet. SPIDER MIRACLE)
Ufo., Dor., mid-late, 46", 8", 5 way branching plus lateral, 30 budcount. Named after,  In China,Yellow Crane Tower. It was built in Wuhan as a military observation post more than 1700 years ago.  Famous as a tourists location, it has become an inspiration for artists and poets, and an "enduring symbol of beauty and harmony in nature".This  tall erect daylily is just exactly that, it has beauty and harmony. This makes YELLOW CRANE TOWER makes an excellent backdrop in the landscape. YCT has near perfect opening every time and provides bloom  mid- late in the season. The color is a light creamy yellow, with a green throat that radiates outward onto the petals and sepals. We haven't set pod on it yet but is pollen fertile. Thanks to Jamie Gossard for the use of his Tet SPIDER MIRACLE and to Rob Cobb for use of a yet to be named daylily.
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